Life Form

By Dean L. Jones

Our world of digital gadgetry to some extent compels us into thinking less and less about the true nature of our being human.  We tend to lean on undergoing medical surgeries and innovative drugs to cure everything that will help bring us back to our original life form.  Unfortunately, medical miracles are just that, a miracle, and since the body is a living organism, its optimal efficiency rests more closely with drawing upon nature’s inborn organisms.

Science has named an old life form Kennewick Man, whose remains were discovered nearly 20 years ago along the Columbia River in Washington State.  These bones represent the most complete ancient skeletons ever found, as Kennewick Man died more than 9,000 years ago around the age of 47.  He was a muscular 5′- 7″ weighing roughly 163 pounds, right handed, with bone joints having no arthritis and the teeth are all cavity-free.  The paleontologist studying him have detailed from his skull and bone shape Kennewick Man’s closest contemporary relatives being the Moriori people of the Chatham Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean about 420 miles southeast of New Zealand.  Kennewick Man was a seal hunter whose diet was mainly fish, and no processed sugars and starches.

This life form lived in the same general global area that we reside in today, yet we practice very little in our daily dietary behavior that shows real appreciation for knowledge learned.  We think that going to the dentist takes care of poor eating practices, versus living cavity-free by abstaining from devouring stupid foodstuff.  We know, but ignore, how eating or drinking too much processed sugar suppresses our immune system’s cells that works to fight off bad bacteria.  Although this ineffective period lasts for a few hours after consuming some heavy sugary-filled items, the body looses over that span of time the important effectiveness of its efficient immune system for protecting itself from outside invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.  Essentially, eating any kind of processed sugar has the potential to reduce our body’s defenses by 75% or more for 4 to 6 hours.

Since Kennewick Man was not subjected to processed foodstuff he did not live needing to prevent illnesses and need assistance healing from dietary challenges.  Unlike how we still wrestle with the concept of whether processed sugar is bad for us.  We ignore the evidence so much that many households still think it is proper to give processed sugary items to sick people.  Similarly, when cigarettes were offered as a present to patients in hospitals.  How foolish were the life forms in that era?

There are a lot of viruses already going around and we have yet to hit the worst part of the inclement weather season.  The thing is our life form has identified processed sugar as enemy number 1, so stay SugarAlert!
Dean Jones, Ethics Advocate, Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), contributes his view on health attributes derived from processed foodstuff items.